Let The Darkness At You (2008)

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Track list:

1 June, July
2 The Del Kathryn Barton We Saw
3 The Photographer
4 A Vast Wilderness Of White (Or Everything Has A Ceiling Including Nothingness)
5 It Rains Today (For Taja Liedtke)
6 Jeremy Still Leaving
7 Tingling Cheeks Are Love
8 Victoria Stands With Grace In The Room Full Of Ghosts
9 Glacier Show I
10 Albury-Wodonga, May 2006
11 Bobby Mark And Carter Play Twenty And We Sit Silent
12 The Paws Before Entering
13 Falling Snow
14 Mark Still Searching
15 Let The Darkness At You
16 Glacier Show II
17 I Thought The Lonliness Would Leave Me Too But Now I Hope It Stays Beacuse I Have Nothing Else
18 Wish List
19 I Love You To Pieces


Panoptique Electrical is Jason Sweeney, best known for his work as part of Pretty Boy Crossover.

‘Let the darkness at you’ collects instrumental pieces recorded by Sweeney for film, animated film, and theatre performances, in various towns and cities between 1998 and 2008; Sweeney capturing a shimmering introspection through the manipulation of pianos, and computers.

‘Let the darkness at you’ is perfect for fans of Eluvium, Stars Of The Lid, Brian Eno, and Fennesz.

‘This is experiential music, tightly crafted, gentle, warm and beautiful. It’s experimental ambient music, the kind of music that elevates the listener and changes everything for the better.’ BOB BAKER FISH – INPRESS